There are several situations or moments when employees want or need to file an official complaint. The complaint may vary from inappropriate treatment or harassment or about health or safety issues in the workplace. Our grievance procedure has been created to let all our employees know that they are heard and equally treated.
The grievance can be filed against any employee, including seniors and/or colleagues. It can be filed by any employee of Aaj Bikel. Aaj Bikel defines grievance as a formal complaint or issue which is related to work made by an employee.

Employees can file a complaint in the following cases –

  • Workplace harassment
  • Attack on health and safety
  • Inappropriate management behavious
  • Violation of policy guidelines
  • Dispute between colleagues

Employees can directly file their complaints by contacting the Editor. Employees can attend meetings or work after filing complaint. He/she may refuse to attend work until and unless the problem is solved.

Aaj Bikel will accept and investigate the complaint and will ensure to resolve the problem within 7 days depending of the seriousness of the case. Both the complainant and accused will be treated fairly by Aaj bikel. The company will organize meetings when needed. All records of the grievance will be accurately and comprehensively maintained.

Aaj Bikel will maintain confidentiality throughout and will not discuss the grievance before and after it has been solved. It can take disciplinary action including termination against employees who violates the Grievance Procedure Policy.